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  have warehousing and storage facility which offers you maximum safety and security, shortage can be arranged on a short-term basics or for longer periods, depend on your requirements, we can provide you warehouse facilities to store your goods in a clean, safe environment.

Goods stores are palletized to keep them secure and separate from one another. We can also arrange for you to have access to your stored goods anything that is convenient for you, other commercial goods or commodities which might taint or effect household goods are stored separately. Dangerous goods are not accepted in to storage facilities which are dedicated to household effect.

Air conditioned (temperature controlled) storage is available on request. A comprehensive storage insurance cover is offered to the goods. All warehouse are insured for fire, burglary, flood and related risks.

The task of safety and complete security of goods is achieved by us through our warehousing facilities. With well-equipped warehousing facilities, we easily deal all types of goods and products according to their nature. Any kind of deterioration is kept out of sights, and goods are always provided the best possible protection and security through our warehousing services. Having computerized inventory control and waterproof arrangement further helps us to brilliantly relocate goods of any nature to anywhere in India.

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